Slimming pills: is it worth it?

October 26, 2017


Yes, there is a craze in weight loss. Everyone feels a slim body is sexy and beautiful. In fact, modeling enhances this  craze for there is little room for plus-size men and women which people tend to think it is an afterthought. Although in the African society, a woman gains respects based on her body size. On the contrary, the continent has borrowed the western culture such that the plus-size culture is viewed as laziness and lack of proper physical health.

There are many ways of losing weight: the natural methods and artificial methods. The natural methods advocates for healthy eating. Some fruits and vegetables help in weight loss since they make you become full all the time and further limits the quantity of the mail meals hence you only consume what you require. Gaining weight comes because of imbalance between the output and the input. When the input ( the suppresses food we eat) is more than the output (what is excreted through sweat, energy and other waste products) then the surplus is stored as fat.

The myths and truths about slimming pills

Garcinia Cambogia- worth it?

The scientific principle behind slimming pills lies in inhibition of solubility of fats in the body system. Some of them like Garcinia Cambogia reduces your appetite while increasing your metabolic rate which further helps to enhance the output. One your appetite is suppressed; you eat less hence a reduction in the number of calories in the body.

Some slimming pills have side effects like oily diarrhea. Pills that inhibit fat digestion will compress the fatty acid and redirect them in the excretory organs leading to oily diarrhea. This is only possible when you are on a fatty diet at the same time you are on the slimming pill capsules.

They can lead to vomiting, yes, slimming suppress the appetite always empties your stomach inhibiting the ability of the natural reflex action which is controlled. This leads to vomiting, to prevent it do not take the pills on an empty stomach.

Do not be contented you will lose weight when you do not wish to change your diet; this is when you realize people who give negative online reviews of the slimming pills. Weight loss entails total lifestyle change, healthy eating and portion control Having a slimming pill supplement without a change in diet will lead to even increase in the weight and further other detrimental health effects since you will overwork the body organs.

As you gain weight, your body tends to adjust to the new change. The drastic change in weight like losing 5 kgs in three days can be fatal. Your heart pumps a specific amount of blood-based on the weight, a gradual change means excess blood pumping with no function which can lead to heart failure or low blood pressure.

There is a lot of information on the internet on slimming pills whose authenticity is not proven. When it comes to matters of health, seek the advice of a medical professional to ensure you get the best prescription and required doses as well as lab tests to accommodate various health parameters.

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