Criminal Law on Identity Theft: How LifeLock Family Plans Prevent Potential Identity Theft

September 9, 2019


Life is a challenge and the hassle of life has put lazy people to stay behind the computer to earn from where they did not reap. Advanced technology is a blessing and a curse in equal measure. Although we admit to the fact that it has made work simple and easy, it has also prone us to fraud and crime. The fact that you can purchase virtually anything from the comfort of your home means that you have exposed your details to the world. What can you do? There is a lot to be done with minimal time. You have no option but to use the “unsecure” means. This is the gap that the LifeLock family plan fills. There is no need to allow your hard-earned money to just go down the drain when there are tools that can enhance your security with minimal effort. As much as you spend more money on it, you also save more by availing LifeLock Family Plans. It is better to use less than $10 monthly on a LifeLock family plan rather than losing millions on your account. Of what benefit is this plan?

Saves you money

This is a system
that gives you a printout or a soft copy view of all your transactions
including the details and the location. In this sense, you can organize and
evaluate your financial life. For example, when you notice you have spent
almost 50 percent of our monthly income on luxury, you will put a pause on some
of the purchases. Without this preview, you may just feel that the amount you
send is less but when you accumulate them every month, you are shocked.

Alerts you on any transaction on your account

You may think that you are the only one who has access to your online payment systems including credit and debit cards. You may not know that there is someone who also hacked to your accounts using the digital tools without your consent. This is a good plan to give you real-time alerts such that you can take action immediately, instead of waiting for the shock of your life when all the money in your account has been withdrawn.

Financial expenditure in check

The fact that at
the comfort of your home you can check your balances; and print statements
among other transactions on your account; you are now at liberty to exercise
control based on the financial goals you may have ahead of you.

Provides peace and comfort in the family

There is nothing as stressing as when one of the family members has become a recent victim of financial fraud. What if this is the breadwinner yet there are bills to pay? Have your peace and comfort knowing very well that you have a system that will always make sure you have all your transactions on your computer or phone at any time.

Use your time to
look for more money among other serious issues rather than concentrating ion
who might have withdrawn money on your account. This is only possible when you
enroll in a vibrant LifeLock plan that will make your family safe and secure
when it comes to finances.

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